My Writing


In progress. Read the sample here.

Genre: YA Psychological Suspense

Word count: ~ 80,000

Seventeen-year-old Kat Stone is a fugitive.  She grew up in a Tennessee trailer park with her Argentinian mother, her American father, and her diabetic sister, Bree. When she gets sucked into a bank heist gang in order to fund her sister’s medication, her entire life spirals out of control when it ends in her face plastered across every American newspaper. She procures a fake passport, steals a car and hightails it to Argentina to start over, to start fresh, to go back to a life on the straight and narrow. But her criminal life follows close behind, and she’s forced to face her past mistakes while navigating a foreign landscape. Told in intertwined timelines of Kat’s criminal beginnings in Tennessee and her new life in Argentina, this manuscript blends the commercial and the literary.

One thought on “My Writing

  1. Found you while researching your agent, Miriam Kriss. We have a lot in common (YA writers, Obsession with Harry Potter, does anything else really matter?) and I am excited to read some of your work! Do you have a Facebook page?

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