2014 Goals

Yeah, I realize I’m a few weeks behind on this, but better late than never, right? And at least I’m not doing this in March. My overall goal/resolution/whatever-you-want-to-call-it is to try my hardest to make this year the best year it can be. 2013 was a nice, solid year. Good things happened. I started data collection for my thesis, I visited my family and went to NYC. But I also felt a little bit in limbo. My fiction writing struggled, and I didn’t complete a new project. I took up running and promptly injured myself the day before my very first 10k race.

Writing Goals

Things I can control:

1. Write regularly. I say this all the time, but writing is just like exercise. If I do it regularly, every day (even if I only manage 100 words), it’s so easy to keep at it the next day and the next and the next. But if I step away from it for a few days, it’s so hard to get my head back into it.

2. Finish, revise and submit the manuscript I’m currently working on.

3. Focus on craft. Even though I struggled this past year, I learned a lot more about craft. I see the flaws in my past work, and I’m working hard to improve. Keep at this and don’t let it slide.

4. Finish writing and revising the manuscript mentioned above as the absolute best book that I can write, something I can be proud of and something I totally love, even if it doesn’t sell.¬†Write with the door closed, so to speak.

Things I can’t control:

1. Sell a book.

Other Life goals

1. Stick to my running training plan.

2. Run a 10k race and don’t walk a step of it.

3. Finish the first draft of my thesis.

4. Present my research at a conference.

5. Travel somewhere new.